The survey results...

I based this result on 100 notecards answered by 100 different guys, some I know, some I don't. Reading their answers I expect most of them have been pretty honest... So here we go:  

1.Are you male in rl?
All of them answered Yes

2.How old are you?


3. Are you in a relationship in rl at this moment?
78% of all subs are in a relationship or married in rl, 99% of those are fairly happy with their rl relationship and only 1 of all 100 let his partner know what he plays in SL.

4. Do you have any experience with D/s relationships in rl?

Very interesting results here:
only 5% has experienced a rl D/s relationship

5. Do you have a relationship like that at this moment in rl or/and do you participate in bdsm club/scene in rl?
Only 1 of all 100 men does.

6. At what age did you discover you like to be dominated? At what age did you try out this kind of interaction with another person?  

A wide variety of answers here, but for most the fantasy started in their early teens. Only a few tried it out in rl.

7. Are you submissive in all facets of the rl relationship or just in a sexual way? 

94% only sexual

8. Are you a submissive, a slave or a pet? 

All 100 men answered submissive.

9. What kind of play fits you best in a rl D/s relationship? Pain, Denial, Sissyfied etc... answer in your own words

Nice to know, right?
Only 1 guy answered pain, no one wrote humiliation or spanking, so get rid of your paddlers and attitude, stupid bitches :) 

10. On a scale of 1 to 10, how hardcore do you like to be handled in rl? 1 being softy and 10 being stapled to the floor

All 100 men choose 5 or lower (softies but logical if you look at above graph)

 10.B On a scale of 1 to 10 how satisfying is your current rl relationship sexually? 1 being very sad and 10 very happy
No one choose lower than 7, so they are almost all sexually satisfied (makes you wonder...)

11. What is the perfect rl Mistress for you? Describe...

The answers I got here completely surprised me, we are amongst true romantics, Ladettes, lots and lots of nice adjectives to describe the perfect Mistress like: intelligent, sweet, confident, open minded, sense of humor, playful, manipulative...
(read, learn, conquer!)

12. When did you join Second Life?
Stupid question :)

13. Did you immediately look for the bdsm scene in SL or how did this happen? Describe...

Most of the men came to SL in the hopes to find sex, some to find the bdsm scene and the rest to just chat or make friends.

14. Did or do you have a D/s relationship in SL? How many, how long...

95 of the men answering are/were in a SL relationships, only 4 men in a long term one.
Most men have had different partners in SL, most more than 5.
Only a few are or want to partner.
As one wrote it so poetically: I like to flit about like a bee from flower to flower... (spreads her petals, here bee here beeeeee...)

15. Was or is it easy to find a Mistress in SL? What is the perfect SL Mistress? Describe...   

As we go down on the list of questions, here a lot less adjectives, some answer like the above, but it seems less expectations in SL.
Most find it very easy to find a Mistress, most did not find the perfect Mistress yet.
13 answered: you (thank you guys, now buy that dwarf avi and kneel.. oh wait, no need to kneel you are the right height :P)

16. Do you share your rl info/situation/life/pics with your SL Mistress?

Don't ask, don't tell... :)

16B. Do you ever make up things about rl to your Mistress or others? Lie about rl? 

24% never lies (liar! hihi)

22% will try to avoid to lie but will to protect his privacy.

54% has no trouble to pull you a leg

17. Does your Mistress share her rl info/situation/life/pictures with you?
17B Do you think your Mistress is honest to you about her rl?  

 All men except 2 answered Yes on the sharing part and all men answered Yes on their Mistress being honest (knows Goddesses are always honest)

18. Is your relationship with your Mistress sexual?
18B Do you use poseballs/animations, chat, emotes, voice or cam to express yourself to eachother?

 99% have sex in SL, mostly use chat and poseballs, half of them use voice and only 2 use the webcam.

19. Do you mimic the acts your Mistress does to you in SL in rl? Do you masturbate in rl when you have sex? 
19B Does your Mistress masturbate for you in rl? 

 99% masturbates during SL sex, 43% mimics what their Mistress does during sex, only 24% believes their Mistress masturbates, 14% of those is not sure, almost all men wish their Mistress would masturbate. 

20. On a scale of 1 to 10 how fulfilling and satisfying is your D/s relationship in SL for you? 

Shocking poor result!
Only 11 scored 7 to 10
23 scored 6 and 7
66 answered 5 or lower
Come on Ladettes, use your imagination!

21. Do you have real feelings for your SL Mistress? If yes how strong? Rate 1 for hardly any to 10 for intense loving.

50% claims to love their SL Mistress but gives a score of 5, only 1 guy gave a 10.

22. Would you consider meeting your SL Mistress in rl? 
22B Do you think it would work out between the two of you? 

3% wants to meet their SL Mistress in rl
1 has already met her
The rest does not want to meet and does not answer B.

23. Is what happens in SL is real for you? 

56% answered Yes
13% gave answers like depends, sometimes, at the moment yes

31% answered No

24. Do you talk about Second Life to anyone in rl (partner, friends, family)? 
24B. Do you talk about what you do in SL with anyone? 

99% answered NO on both questions

25. Do you see SL as a good substitute if no rl relationship? 
25B Is SL better than watching porn?  

78% thinks SL is a good substitute if single in rl and nothing better in sight.
All 100 agree SL is much better than porn :)

Thank you all who participated in this survey, I lost a night of sleep reading all the answers and sorting them in a spreadsheet, but I learned a lot from this. Thank you sweet SL subbies! 
Whisper me in SL for a gifty!