Mr.Huff and his survey.

Copy of his original notecard, just changed some grammar mistakes and what the spell-checker suggested. Enjoy!

1. Are you male in rl?  yes or no (if not don't need to fill this in, I am looking for rl males)
yesh (attached mycock.jpg)

2. How old are you in rl? like this > between 18-30, between 30-45, between 45-60, older than 60

3. Are you in a relationship in real life? married, engaged, living together etc
I have short term relationship in the weekends, some dogging at the Londra, for the rest in perfect harmony with my left hand.

4. Do you have any experience with D/s relationships in rl?
Yes, it's everywhere around us, no escape, men is the underdog. Feel the stare of those goddesses disguised as clerks, waitresses, nurses. The inevitable urge to crawl in the dust and worship those salty scented perfect creatures. Punish me! Choke me with your lips around my nuts!

5. Do you have a relationship like that at this moment in rl or/and do you participate in bdsm club/scene in rl?
I have a job, my boss is a woman, the way she looks down on me, the disgust in her eyes, i am hard all day, need to wank twice at lunch. I wanna lick her shoes but i'm sure she will fire me.

5.B Does your partner know what you play in SL?
Talk to the hand?
5.C Do you feel happy with your current rl relationship?
Happy as a clam!

6. At what age did you discover you like to be dominated? At what age did you try out this kind of interaction with another person?
When i was 2 weeks old and felt the weight of my mother's tit on my face.
At the age of 11 i let a chubby girl sit on my face, my tiny prick grew 12 cm and was rock hard as she suffocated me with her plump cotton covered girly vagina. She smelled like fish and cheese and a little pee. My mother dragged her off me and slapped my face, the sting made me cum. It was the best orgasm i ever had.

7. Are you submissive in all facets of the rl relationship or just in a sexual way?
Yes, i want to be, problem is i am not sure if there is a woman on earth who can handle doing it all the way.

8. Are you a submissive, a slave or a pet?
I am all 3, i am a submissive slave dog and i want to dig me a hole, crawl in it and from there stare under ur skirt.

9. What kind of play fits you best in a rl D/s relationship? Pain, Denial, Sissified etc... answer in your own words
Being a dog, huff and sniff, licking out your delicious box every other hour for two hours

10. On a scale of 1 to 10, how hardcore do you like to be handled in rl? 1 being softy and 10 being stapled to the floor
10.B On a scale of 1 to 10 how satisfying is your current rl relationship sexually? 1 being very sad and 10 very happy

11. What is the perfect rl Mistress for you? Describe...
You, Charlotte, with your cute spindly legs in your stripy socks, your dominating eyes, your perfect lush curved lips and your outrageously tempting freckles

12. When did you join Second Life?

13. Did you immediately look for the bdsm scene in SL or how did this happen? Describe...
I came to SL because of my mother, she played SL at that time. Not anymore, i told her there was a virus in SL that hacks your account, your credit-card, your bank account, transfers all your money, possesses ur webcam and takes pics and finally crashed ur hd.
The moment she was gone i had a second life and a Mistress

14. Did or do you have a D/s relationship in SL? How many, how long...
Too many to count, been here a long time, so little time, so many misses

15. Was or is it easy to find a Mistress in SL? Describe...
Once you hang around in femdom places, it is easy to find a Mistress, to find a good one is not so easy. Many are not able to dominate me or give me the feeling they are strong enough to overpower and own me

16. Do you share your rl info/situation/life/pics with your SL Mistress?
16B Do you ever make up things about rl to your Mistress or others? Lie about rl?

I share after she shares and i like her rl looks

17. Does your Mistress share her rl info/situation/life/pictures with you?
17B Do you think your Mistress is honest to you about her rl?

Some do, some rl pics curb my appetite and i lose interest fast. But with you, i am in love with your rl looks
The Mistress i have with my main avi is pretty too, but she is much older than me, it killed my hunger for her, so i am ok with just kneeling and chat. i use alts or porn to get what i need

18. Is your relationship with your Mistress sexual?
18B Do you use poseballs/animations, chat, emotes, voice or cam to express yourself to each other?
With my main Mistress it became platonic, but i do have sex in SL with others, chat, voice and cam.

When are you gonna have sex with me, Charlotte? Spread those elite kneecaps, let me roll my dog tongue in a spliff and shove it up your tiny box, collect your honey with my tip and slurp you up, When you beg me to stop i turn u around and fill that tight tunnel of yours with my huge hard drippy cock and fuck u hard until u pass out and when my gallon of seed splashes in ur little womb, u will wake up cuz it makes u burp
Fuck i am so romantic! 

19. Do you mimic the acts your Mistress does to you in SL in rl? Do you masturbate in rl when you have sex?
19B Does your Mistress masturbate for you in rl?
When i do the poseball thing i will touch myself, i prefer voice and then i automatically take lead, i wont stop till i know the one i am with came in rl too

20. On a scale of 1 to 10 how fulfilling and satisfying is your D/s relationship in SL for you? 1 being kinda bad 10 being totally awesome
at the moment my main relationship is kinda bad, its why i am with u and some others to get what i need

21. Do you have real feelings for your SL Mistress? If yes how strong? on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being like to hang out, 10 deeply love her.
i kinda love her, like a good friend, hard to put a number on it, when i log out i forget about it

22. Would you consider meeting your SL Mistress in rl?
22B Do you think it would work out between the two of you?

No, i don't want to meet her because the age difference, but we would get along she is a nice woman

23. Do you believe what happens in SL is real for you?
it depends, some things are real, but when i log out it vaporizes to nothing

24. Do you talk about Second Life to anyone in rl (partner, friends, family)?
24B. Do you talk about what you do in SL with anyone?

No and no, only people who play SL too understand what draws u in

25. Do you see SL as a good substitute if no rl relationship?
25B Is SL better than watching porn?

if u can't get someone in rl yes why not, i prefer the feel of a real body but it sure beats watching porn, knowing it's a real woman on the other side -hopefully-

ciao bella ;-*