The goldfinch

You remember the movie The Reader? How a young boy reads books to the woman he loves?
There is something so comforting and loving, to have your mind travel on the vibrations of your loved one's voice.

Donna Tart is one of my favorite authors, her book The Secret History is my all time bbfe!
You can only imagine how thrilled I was when her new book The Goldfinch hit the shelves (she won the Pulitzer Prize 2014 for fiction btw)
For a while now we buy digital books and I read them on my iPad as it is so convenient, my bookshelves in my handbag following me wherever I go!

I did not buy The Goldfinch, I made Domani buy it and read it to me in recorded mp3 files.

This man is on the other side of the world, busy with the reality of his life, but I swear, when I hear his voice in my ears, he is right next to me, kneeling beside my sun bed in the grass, reading to me. And my eyes close and I am with Theo at the museum. The rhythm of Domani's words, every little emotion in his voice, the way he catches his breath, the soft sound of his mouth as he swallows, all of that my perfect vehicle to bring me where I want and need to be in that very moment.

Then I open my eyes again and so much time passed and it feels as if I returned from an adventure or a parallel universe. As if I need to wake up, a little dazed, staring at my reflection in the mirror. I look like a panda that blew in a poo, the shape of my sunglasses burned in my face sprinkled with a another layer of freckles.
And then I spill over because an amazing and overwhelming feeling washes over me. Being loved and adored by a man who is my sub, but a Master at making me feel like the Queen of the World.
Thank you, Domani, for being you, for making me be who I am when with you
Everyone else: buy it, read it!