The Dominion's Eva talking out of her ass again...

And it stinks. Eeew! A friend dropped this notecard on me yesteray of his chat with Eva from the Dominion, it seems things did not change there yet. How insecure can you be to get upset if someone's not answering your hello right away in a virtual world? 

 "[10:57] Evangeline Eames: next time you come on sim and ignore a greeting you get banned
[10:57] Evangeline Eames: that's bullshit for a sub to act that way at a femdom
[10:57] **-Dra: i was just tping around
[10:57] Evangeline Eames: I don't care
[10:57] **-Dra: you can ban me now if this boosts your ego
[10:58] Evangeline Eames: you don't come to a femdom and ignore a greeting
[10:58] Evangeline Eames: well I think I will..clear some of the stupid out
[10:58] Evangeline Eames: have a nice day
[10:58] **-Dra: i did not even see that you greeted me because i was searching in my landmarks
[10:58] **-Dra: yes
[10:58] Evangeline Eames: that's fine..but that's not the correct response to a correction
[10:58] **-Dra: you should it would show that you have nothing in live except sl
[10:58] Evangeline Eames: yeah yeah
[10:59] **-Dra: that you cannot argument on a normal human foundation
[10:59] Evangeline Eames: no it would show that we don't tolerate impolite people here
[10:59] **-Dra: please go ahead
[10:59] **-Dra: poor thing
[10:59] Evangeline Eames: I will..bye :)"

 Disclaimer: I did not post the end of the conversation because it's a waste of space (repeat blablabla) and I changed the name of the guy on his request. My spelling corrector also cleaned out the typos of both of them.

Dear Eva, as a Domme you are supposed to have someone else's head op your ass, not your own :D