Oh noes, my vagina!

Conversation with my very mean sister translated from dutch:
"We are sitting in the garden together, she has her shirt tied up and the edge of her shorts pushed down to tan her skin and I am admiring her flat tummy that looks like she never was pregnant, no stripes, no marks, no fat. So we talk about all the changes after birth and then I ask:
Me: What about your vagina, did that change?
She: Omg yes, the change is really bad!
Me with slight panic in my voice: How do you mean?
She: A baby head goes through, you know?
Me: Yes but it resets to normal, right?
She: No, my guy says it feels exactly the same as hanging his dick in a bathing cap...
My face turns pale and I look at her in disbelief. Then she bends over and laughs and keeps laughing.
No matter what she said after I was so startled and worried she took me to the bathroom and let me look at her vagina."
I read online it has to do with different factors: the size of the baby, genetics, the state of pelvic muscles. You subbies all get on your knees and pray to whatever god you believe in that the dommelette vagina may return to it's former shape!
Now time to interview my mom.