Watch, watch, watch...

Watch this in HD and learn why the immerse world of ESO keeps me captivated. E v e r y  prim be it a house, a perfect outfit or a super-sized genital is utter boredomme after facing the challenges in Tamriel. There is a kneel animation in ESO too btw, so maybe cowboy up and play this game with me? :D


The basement

I left you. Tied to the wooden beam.
Your anxious breathing. The pain of standing on your knees and not knowing.
Anticipating what comes and wont go.
I force you to stay in this endless fascinating moment.


Where am I?

Yes, it is quiet around the dommelab lately. It has two reasons. First, the excitement of the little baby boy in my belly growing steadily (13 weeks to go! woo!) and yes, it's the first Easter I actually look like an egg :). So I walk around the house like a hen nesting, cleaning out every corner and change our apartment from a twenty something shag to a warm, post detol-treatment, baby-proof home. And second, but not the least, I am addicted to Elder Scrolls Online. Bare with me, sweet readers, these addictions never last long :) Soon I am back to torture your thoughts and ruin your Second Life :)


Time for some romance...

This is a song Domani sent me last night and the lyrics made me swoon, this is the version with my favorite Lindsey


Where's my doggy?



Lick This!

Oh finally the right way to train those pussy trolls. Your Mistress can now watch your scores or have you do long sessions. No pain, no gain, right? Make selfies and show me!


Baby, I don't know
Just why I love you so
Maybe it's just the way
That God made me this day                                  

Honey, I hear you
And I feel for you
It won't be too long till
We're back as one again