SL Discussions: One Man Show?

Let me start with what a non-English speaker like me defines as a discussion:
 "dis•cus•sion (dɪˈskʌʃ ən)  n.
an act or instance of discussing; consideration or examination by argument, comment, etc.; informal debate." 
(Yep, right from the schoolbooks!)
I am in a few philosophy groups in Second Life, where from time to time if an interesting item pops up in my timezone, I will go and listen. Just listen while I browse the interwebs as most of these discussions are held in voice.
And today: 
[07:58] Julie: revolutionary new discussion meeting for any of oyu deep thinkers out there who want to talk about life, im me for a TP

How can one resist, right?
Usually I read the inviter's profile swiftly but this time I did not. Once there the revolutionary conversation was briefly about dead to go on to dreaming.
Where the host-typer claimed to have deep conversations with people in his dreams which led to him ask us what we think of these people: 
Julie: 1. your own subconscious mind
Julie: 2. another person
Julie: 3. another entity or something
Julie: 4. or all of them or mix of them
I answered that he was talking to different parts of his own personality (based on what a few psychiatrists wrote on this subject and so for myself a reasonable explanation). Offended!
"Are you stating a fact?"
He then got quickly upset telling me I am a mold and not creative or authentic as I come with other people's opinion because I am not able to have my own opinion. Followed by fuk scientists. 
The people in his dreams are real.

I left the discussion to avoid drama.
Back at my own place I read his profile and was kind of overwhelmed by the amount of delusion. 
If I had read it before I would have seen it coming. 
Some keywords: bipolar, unique awesomeness, transgender, sensitive, deep as the ocean.
Some of his groups: God-fearing Christians, Church of Satan, Mental Illness Support Group, Suicide Pact, Depression Support Group, Yes I am a T-Girl, Borderline Personality Disorder, UFO Stories and a lot more. Duh.

And it kind of struck me, many discussions in Second Life are held not to have a discussion per se but to be the center piece of attention, to fulfill that need to be seen and heard. No matter what the subject is about, no matter how authoritative the host speaker about the subject, one should just nod and agree. I have experienced this on many occasions at the Gateway, the walhalla of the bdsm discussion. Do not talk back/type unless to confirm what the speaker said preferably with an example of your own experience to beef up his/her statement. 
There are of course some brilliant speakers in Second Life, and I have witnessed several nice discussions. As they say in my language: "the exception makes the rule" (doesn't make sense to you, I guess :P)
In the following weeks I am gonna visit more discussions round and about to test this. I let you know the results in detail with some chats to read. :) 
If you want to join the dommelette on this quest, drop me a line in world.

Will waterboard you with my sex

There is no better picture than this. You. Naked, tied up. Helpless.
Every muscle in your body has its own life. Tension. Trembling.
Your breath comes in short and long huffs, a rhythm lost.
Anticipating my long list of punishments. Your brain a roller coaster of thoughts.
How sweet the power of your imagination.
I can just stand here and stare at you. And your mind shifts. That intense moment just before.
Knowing all the things I will do to you.
Hoping I wont.
Wishing I will. 


For the new man in my life...

I feel butterflies in my tummy. Because of you.
The new man in my life.
Your little arms and legs move as you tumble inside me.
23 cm and already perfect.
I put my hand over the little bump and imagine how I make it dark and safe for you.
Are you listening to my voice?
I talk and sing. Tell you all my secrets.
Fantasize what kind of boy you will be. What kind of man.
I can't wait to show you all the beautiful things in life.
To smell your hair and kiss your little head.
For now enjoy your time deep inside me,
I share my body with you, my dreams and my heart.
See you in 22 weeks, little man.
Happy Valentine.

Happy Valentine


Swinging in the rain

I bought a Best Weather Box from Xavier Novelli. (check it here) If you own a nature sim/parcel this weather is by far the best in all Second Life. You can choose between 3 different rains, thunder and 2 snows. And for a tiny price! The lightning effect and the sound add even more reality.
Very good for photographers and movie-makers.
It will be raining for a while on my building platform

Lick my pantyhose


Your own little Zen

In times where life seems like a rat race, with lots of pressure and responsibilities it becomes harder and harder to find free time and unwind, relax and sit quiet to release all the stress.
It is proven our brain reacts strongly to thoughts and memories, to virtual experiences as if they are happening right here and now. Meditating in Second Life, although virtual is beneficent for the real you, behind your avatar.
This beautiful clearing in a forest is the perfect place to find relaxation.
Now for sale here, or visit in Second Life here.


Bonds of Beauty

"Lovely winter place to bring your special one ..
twinkling ballroom in snowy winter landscape park... find all the romantic spots ... take a look at the skating rink or enjoy a ride on the horse carousel ..."

This sim belongs to a good friend of Domani. It's a very beautiful and dreamy place. Winter should go on forever in a landscape like this! Ideal for a warmly, tucked in Valentine ♥  Great place to make pictures too, you can find it here. Surprise your Mistress, buy Her a stylish wintercoat and take Her to Bonds of Beauty. Your reward is waiting...