You want to be my sub...

I get many requests of submissive men (most of them out of the blue like they are shopping for a collar). So I made this "creed" to filter out the twatburgers:

Dear submissive,

You get this notecard because you let me know you are interested in being my sub/slave/pet.
Usually I am a low key easy going Mistress but a few things are essential:

1. You are a male in real life and you have a male shape in SL. (for sissy: you will be dressed in female clothing but still have a male shape) Brat and boobs are on my no-list.
2. Second Life is not real for you, you are capable to differentiate SL adventures from rl relationships.  Your limits are mine. (you are safely sitting in your chair in rl nothing really happens, derp)
3. You have a full and preferably married real life. You don't get insecure and clingy.
4. You will not kill the magic with your rl pictures (unless you are really hot in rl). Pictures of your cock are ok, gives me something to laugh at.
5. You have Payment Info Used, you know how to buy Lindens and you will spend them. My avatar looks perfect, so does my land. You will have a make over to fit in and you will give me money to pay for it. You will buy me gifts or give me money to buy things I like.
6. When I am online and don't want to spend time with you because I am creating things, you have a group of friends to keep you company.
7. You are smart and funny and know how to entertain a woman. You type and emote very well.
8. Your main kink is to be edged and denied orgasms.
9. You will only submit to me and wear my collar 24/7 your profile included. You can have sexual relationships with other men or females, but no D/s. If you create drama I will post the chat on my blog and make fun of you.
10. You read my blog.

If all 10 are a yes, we can continue to the next step: Write your ultimate fantasy in a notecard, detailed and written well. If your story arouses and/or amuses me, I will give you a trial collar for a week. In that week we will get to know each other and act a D/s relationship. At the end of the trial if you have pleased me I will ask you to be mine, if not we just stay friends.

What do you get out of this?
Your Second Life turns into a never ending miserable quest of trying to please me, you can't breathe and suffer heart ache fighting for my attention, your cock is hard every waking moment just thinking of my wicked toys and your balls are definitely blue!

Maybe your Miss Charlotte

At #5 most of them (99,9%) bail out, because they are just trying their luck with their eyeball sickness inducing avatars to get a free blow job. Too many goddesses get on their knees and play horny, kinky girlfriend and fulfill their wishes just like that. Come on, girls, they need to pay, beg and scream!