Three Rings

 I met him two years ago, on the second day of the second month in my Second Life :)  In the endless sea of mostly dull and uniform behavior in this virtual world he caught my attention and sparked my mind and heart with his smart and wit, his talent to not only create beautiful things but above all to make a woman feel as if she owns the world. He is a man in all the right meaning of that word. Confident. Strong. Outspoken. Loyal. Honest. Romantic. Passionate. Sexy.
My strawberry cream dreamboat.
We have been partnered for a long time and we marry over and over and never divorce. Tuesdays and Thursdays are special for us. And now Wednesdays will be special too.

 "Never in this lifetime have i wanted to truly, with every part of my heart and soul, kneel with one knee in front of a woman and ask her to accept my hand for all eternity. i believe we have known each other for thousands of lifetimes. And i believe we have loved each other in each and every one. With all of my faults and insufficiencies, i see within You the beauty of countless universes. Who am i to ask such a thing of You? i am a man that, due to Your love for me, has learned to stand tall, to not be afraid, to love all, and to fly. With the little, yet all, that i am, i see You as the wonderful, powerful and brilliant Woman that You are. And, in all of that, i see the Woman that is beautiful, tender, all-loving, loyal and selfless. Within our core lay the fabrics of love that continue to evolve and grow, all of the time between us. And there, in that core, also lay the magnets of Dominance and submission that attach to each other with a force that grows stronger by the moment.

My sweet and everlasting Love, I humbly kneel before You and offer You these three rings. The first one, that is so befitting to who You are, is a Mistress ring. my Mistress. Then. Now. Forever. It is a ring that shines in light reminding each of us in its design of Your position in our love. Though I am strong, and can be a stubborn and selfish man, I bend to You, my Miss, in all things. And I beg of You to accept this ring and allow me to place it on Your finger, as a symbol of what burns between us. And these two remaining rings, my great Love, are for us to acknowledge not only the deep and special love we have for each other, but the existence and growth of this love in the past, in this present moment, and in the future, for all time, forever, and for 3 days. I ask Your permission to place this ring on the same finger as Your Mistress ring, and I ask for You to place this ring on my finger. We know who we are for each other. These rings symbolize what we know. I am Yours. And You, my sweet Woman, I ask to be mine. With eternal love for You, please accept these rings, for us to be as One, stronger each and every day. 

I so love You, Charlotte.