Some time ago Daddy Underbite introduced me to one of his fetishes: milking. Yes, you read that right, women with gigantic breasts who get milked and can breastfeed. There is actually a ranking game involved like Bloodlines on the creator of those boobs' website Milkmade by mused.
He asked me to transform his skybox in a Milk Bar with an area outside that hold stalls for his hucows. Seeing girls behaving submissive and used like milk cows kinda makes me cringe (most are actually played by men), but hey everyone is free to live their fantasy in SL and have some fun their own way.
It wouldn't be me if it did not result in a creative boost. So I cooked the perfect tools for you hucow farmers in my lab. You can look on my MP store here.(adult enabled!) or visit my Moo Patch in world to try it out. More to come... Mooo!