Gender Swapping

There is this new trend in Second Life. Male submissives playing female submissives, in search of lesbian Mistresses. It occurred to me because when someone sends me a message I look in their profile to see who's talking. And they are honest about being a male playing a female.
I wanted to know what drives them to play it that way. And of course I am not stating scientific facts here, I talked to only a few guys.
First of all the obvious cliché: lesbian sex is still their top thrill (according to a famous sexologist in my country they are attracted to that because they feel unconsciously, insecure about their own sexual or social abilities. This lets the man’s masculinity off the hook, so to speak, as he voyeuristic obtains pleasure from two women making things happen between them.)
But how does it work in D/s. How does the fantasy of Female Superiority evolve if in that same relationship a female gets degraded to the pet/slave/sub?
They are the observer and/or director of an avatar they do not identify with. 
Now it's common knowledge that the sheer amount of lesbians and bisexual women are actually men. I had Mistresses and female subs shapeshift in front of me and voiceproof being a man in a desperate attempt to spark my attention.
But what about the dommes in SL who are females in rl like me? What do they think of this?
Most femdom sims now have tRudy Tramps crawling all over the place.
How do you profile as a place of Female Dominance if a protagonist of the same gender is manipulated by a male to play a submissive role.
How much of the submission of this male is genuine if he degrades a female avatar to worship you?
Honestly, it kinda ruins the fantasy for me going to a place like Velvet Thorn and watch those sub females, dressed like prostitutes, played by men and therefor allowed to put on their little show.
In my real life I have many girlfriends and one of my besties is a lesbian. I understand if a lesbian girl wants to live a D/s relationship in SL and find a female Mistress. Nothing against that.
I am not in to lesbian sex. I am not into female avatars. When I feminize or sissyfy a guy he keeps his male shape and his penis. He looks more like a rl version of that fetish. (yes, ugly and stupid :)
Brat/boobs is an absolute no for me.
I can not speak for any other domme or any other femdom sim in Second Life, but I hope these guys come to their senses and be beautiful and proud male subs for us.