The paradise of broken hearts

As a few of you will have noticed, my time online has reduced significantly, a few important things are happening in my real life, my focus changed. As weird as it sounds when I log in to answer messages and emails I feel like a stranger in my beloved virtual world.
My messages read like the report of a gossip paper. Drama. Hurt. More drama. And then I realize this the same universal (virtual) love-story. Over and over.
I met Domani in Februari of 2012. Our relationship grows and does not fade. He is as real to me as any friend or family member in my real life.
Why does it work for us?  Because of who we are or are we just lucky?
Why not for those other thousands of people?
Over time I have tried to help my friends (male and female), attempting to unravel the reason for their returning heart aches. I strongly believe time is our best companion in Second Life. If you meet someone and he/she speeds things up you can bet you are in for another bite in the dust.
If someone tells you they love you after 1 week, you must be aware that this is impossible. This is alternating loving you with being in love with love. Creating the illusion of love to feel loved.
Why is it no one seems to learn from their broken hearts and repeat this speedy cycle over and over?
Would be interesting to talk about this to a psychologist.
I found this old but great article about it and hope you will read it here