Feel the cold
of my penetrating gaze.
The cold
of my anger
creep over your bare skin.
Feel the cold
of the pain I give you.
The cold
of my tough love
beat in your heart.
Feel the cold
of my fading footsteps.
Feel the cold
freeze your soul,
each breath painful,
deep anxiety.
Did she leave me?
or is this just what I deserve:
Charlotte 26/11/2013


XXX Story: Better than a handjob

My girlfriend and I are laying in bed on a saturday morning, letting our breakfast digest. She's
laying on the bed in one of her shirts and a pair of my boxer shorts on her hips.
I'm laying next to her reading a boring book, and of course feeling quite horny. Just looking at her as
she uses as her computer starts making me get hard. I'm wearing boxers and no shirt, and my dick
starts to rise up in my shorts.
She looks over at it without moving her head, and says, "Hmm. Looks like someone's feeling horny
today," and smiles.
I roll on to my side and place my left hand on her breast, kiss her cheek, and whisper, "You look
beautiful," into her ear.
Obviously I'm hoping to get lucky.


Forever + 3 days

You are not drowning,
You are not lost.
Feel your hand,
I am still holding it.



Good Morning Lover

good morning lover 
it's time to wake up 
look what the new day brought 
a promise of rain 
a roar of thunder 
a flash of lightning 
a trembling that shakes us 
like an earthquake 
as we hold each other tight 
as love flows like magma 
we rock there together 
in the dawn's smoldering 
light hours pass, 
time stands still 
you whisper moan into my ear 
mmmmmmmmmm I love you 
 I smile and stroke your face 
and gaze in to your eyes 
such a wonderful day for a storm