XXX Story: The first level

written by Busy Peat 

I saw her one day in the library and noticed her already while I walked in. Her cute face, her white teeth, Arabic-complexioned and her velvet like black hair caught my attention immediately. Since I am sometimes a little bit shy I did not choose the spot next to her but one from where I could safely observe her a couple of benches away. The whole morning I did not get anything done on my thesis since I either watched her back, her magnificent hair and slim shoulders and arms or fantasized about her. A hundred pick-up lines went through my head but were quickly dismissed till they seemed either too cheesy or too boring.

Suddenly she left her seat and headed for the exit. Her books on the table gave me the secure feeling that she probably only left for lunch. I did the same but only walked passed her, trying to look as little as possible at her. Since I only wrote my thesis here but did not really know anybody at this uni, I had my lunch alone on the grass in the sun on a spot from where I could observe her and her girlfriends joking and eating. I could not feel less confident to walk up to her and talk to her. She was around 1,65, slim and had a handful of breast. She looked absolutely stunning and her –for me- exotic appearance just added extra to that. Her body language told me that she is self confident and knows what she wants. Since I like strong women her body language alone turned me on (Even though I am never really sure if a woman is strong or it comes out of my wishing).