Goddess Mine

Venus beckons in lace bound fast 
by chains of love wrapped tight 
Her lush lips so tenderly pressed 
to the earth's ancient grassy breast,  

Goddess mine please hear my prayers 
smile down on your slave of love 
carry my spirit to that place you dwell 
that altar between your silken thighs 

 her moans and sighs sweet music 
calling me to her fervent worship 
in that temple of secret delights 
surrendering all I am to you freely 

I sing for you an ancient primal hymn 
soft muffled songs roll from my lips 
shake the earth and rock your hips 
take my offerings, mark me as yours 

                                                                                      Press my face to that cup of sacred wine 
                                                                                      and drink deep that sweet water of life 
                                                                                      far beyond the realm of mortal desire
                                                                                      love's alchemy, carnal made the sublime
                                                                                      W. I. Boucher November 26, 2002