It's knees!

I found this picture this week and it made me think of a conversation I had with a guy named Sam at the Gateway. He was a "daddy dom" and when I asked him what this play is about (yea, I am a bdsm nub and very curious). He told me it had nothing to do with sex but with lovingly punishing the "babygirl". He told me he made a girl cry in rl because he made her sit with her knees in frozen pees (lovingly right) I laughed at it because I thought no one would be stupid enough to do that for real for some derp online. Seems they do!
I know the bdsm scene in SL is full of people who claim to be a walking wikipedia whilst accusing every other bdsm professor they know shit. Seriously, where are the sane dommels?
To all you sublets in Second Life: Do not harm yourself, ever, if your dominant (male or female) asks you to hurt or harm yourself in rl : if you really like/love him/her type:Yes Mastress and then some oh and ah behind it while eating cookies and watch tv in rl. If you don't love him/her tell him/her to go fuck themselves and mute it.
If you really feel the need to hurt or harm yourself for him/her, you have serious issues and should contact a family, friend and for sure a therapist to talk about this.
Being a masochist as a fetish is a fantasy you can play out in real life, with a dominant that controls your feelings and emotions, your pain, but most of all your well being and safety. You can not do that on your own for a stranger on the internet.