Domani's: "Yes, She makes me suffer sweet."

How is it possible for Her to command me from thousands of miles away and for me to feel the absolute need to obey?  What kind of human dynamic is this? Where does it come from? Why is it impossible to turn away from Her? Why is it so wonderful to please Her? And so utterly dreadful to displease Her? How introspective She makes me feel. All these questions, and so much more, that come from one direct command: “Do. Not. Cum.”

The Power She has is overwhelming as it melts over my cells like summer sun.  To be clear, i chose   disobedience. Would excuses relieve me of the guilt? No. Would they absolve me from Her punishment? No. Would it help to say how very difficult Her request was of me? No. If i am who i say i am to Her, then NO request should be too much for Her to ask of me. Continue