How to be a domme in Second Life...

I got this note from a woman in Second Life this week:
"Hi! My name is *********, and I'm a switch.
I found your store just now, and since your a domme, I was hoping maybe you could help me.
The thing is, I'm more of a sub than a dom, and I was wondering how I could embrace my domme side, cause I'm really unsure how. Thank you. "

I am chuckling a bit that I get approached with questions like that, as if I am a connaisseur.
But here is my answer, for all those who are wondering:

"I can not help you. Domme, sub, switch are just labels for me and I find the SL rules and standards extremely boring and stupid. But that's just my opinion, everyone who follows them and likes them, it's up to them to live their Second Life as they want.
Just as it is hard to analyze "love" or "friendship", defining a D/s relationship is impossible. I guess it just happens the right moment with the right person and sometimes it's amazing and sometimes it's boring.
As far as SL goes, and you are a switch, just have fun and allow yourself to color outside the box. Every person we meet is a lesson to learn, no matter what kind of relationship.
I find that just being myself in this virtual place is already enough to have interesting encounters. No need to try to be anything else than yourself or label yourself with one of those ridiculous titles. Just as everyone else you are perfect in your own unique way.
Have fun and enjoy your SL :)