Black Fair 2013

"The Black Fair 2013 is a fair inspired by all things black, be they glamorous, chic, sexy or casual. Different forms, style and design abound, all black or variations thereof. This fair features over 90 amazing designers, it starts on the 9th of August and runs until the 23rd."
Yesterday I went on a shopping spree, because black is really my favcolor and perfect for my dommelette style. As with every fair in SL, having so many (pretty) stores in one spot (really a w e s o m e), it is very easy to go broke in just an hour. (thanks riri for the funds) Hihi.
All worth it though, because after I spent hours and hours having fun dressing, undressing my virtual doll and make lots of outfits.
Here's a picture of mix and match of all I bought (if you want to know what is what and from who, message me in world, just too lazy to describe it all :) ).
(click pic to max it)

Visit the fair here and take a look at their blog.