The One your body hunts for...

Your heart skips as your belt snaps against your skin.
The music of your body, shaped to my will.
Touching you.
My creation.
Tender fingers, an ingenious mind
orchestrating all kinds of ways
to inflict your pain and pleasure.
You tremble and quiver.
Beg. Cry. Yearn.
Dangle at my sigh.
This is the poison I pick.
Your body tricked into deep lust,
only for me.
I am the drug that dissolves
in your mouth, down your throat,
your perfect creature.
The One your body hunts for,
your wildest fantasy,
your strangest want, 
your deepest need,
your love for me,
the only kind 
left to live.
Through the pores of 
your soul I sate,
as a liquid eternity.
I thrive.
The wetness on your lips, 
I am,
drink me...