Curiousity and SL Profiles

One of my favorite things in SL is teleport to a crowded place and browse profiles. It is more fascinating than any tv soap. Some are just worthy of following up. The drama, the love... how incredibly fast studmuffins and flavors of the week trade places.
Day 3: heavy words like love of my life, home, eternity and more dime novel prose
Day 7: wedding bells and partnerships
Day 9: first break up with the day after a deep passionate reunion with a new pick stating the spiritual and infinite nature of the relationship
Day 14: the unavoidable end as the illusionary pink cloud fades resulting in a pick with a depressing song or poem.
Rinse and Repeat :)
Some profiles are hilarious, some witty, some sweet, some stupid... I will share some with you on a regular base. Like having my own paparazzi page. Hihi. So look in the right bar for profile button and keep coming back for more juicy reads.
Here is the first...