State of Being

Tonight I went to a lecture on Avatar Perceptions at the Rockcliffe University sim, State of Being, by Pamala Clift.

"What is Reality? Virtual worlds, gaming relationships and our meetings online provide confusion and fear as to how to relate. This lecture tries to assist with a method to discern the engagement level of those we communicate with."

I am in Second Life for almost 10 years now and this event is one of the most enlightening for me ever. Not only did I learn an important part of the meaning of my own behavior in online worlds, but also how to perceive the reactions and behavior of whom I share these worlds with.

I could write about this here but there is too much information to explain it here, you can visit Pamala's website or attend her lecture every 1st Thursday of the month at 6 pm slt at Rockcliffe.
You can buy the kindle version of her book on online relationships here

There is 3 groups: the Disassociatives (this is a cartoon world of pretending, nothing is real, fun and entertainment), the Immersives (i am my avatar, everything is real, i feel the same in both worlds), both two first groups are compulsive behavior, then the third group Entry and Grown Augmentatives:
I am part of the grown Augmentatives. I am here to do my thing (create, sell, build my fantasy), I consciously choose what I buy into, I play when I choose to play and my feelings and emotions are very judiciously engaged, I guard my rl information and log out whenever I am done.

Cross pollination between any of those 3 groups is what causes problem and drama. Understanding how each of those 3 groups behave is important to avoid harm and being harmed, but also to accept all 3 of them are as valid as the other.
Go and listen or buy the book, Pamala gives her lectures for groups for free if you own a sim and are interested.
Recommended by your dommelette!