Spank the monkey!

Masturbation is often considered as an inferior form of sexual release, for single men or women depraved of the "real" thing. Actually masturbation is a form and/or art of loving yourself and your own body and reach a sexual climax that is deep and incomparable.

Nothing puts me more in awe than watch my husband masturbate, nothing is more beautiful to look at than his skilled hand and fingers playing that magical member till it flexes and twitches and sweet ropes of his hot cum fling over our bodies.
Your dommelette says: Go for it, love it, show it to your girlfriend or your wife, find ways to enhance the pleasure.
Every orgasm your brain releases chemicals into your blood Prolactin, Oxytocin and Endorphins, allowing you to feel healthier, lower stress and boost your self-confidence.

Spank. The. Monkey!
(write your exercises in detail in a notecard and send me! Pics only if you're pretty!)

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