Shadow Lands Hotel

Based on the Shadowlands books, this magnificent hotel has everything for a perfect bdsm scene in Second Life:
"Shadow Lands Hotel sets the marker for anything taboo.  A place where anything and everything can happen.  As a traveler or employee of the hotel you will discover all sorts of tantalizing tales and engage in all sorts of explosive acts.
Shadow Lands Hotel will give you an opportunity to engage in your favorite forms of sexual magic on big, wide beds with plenty of pillows that can be used to lean back on or muffle screams of pleasure. We can indulge in the guilty pleasure of eavesdropping on our neighbors or walking down the hall hoping to spy or hear something juicy. Many of those you see in the hotel are here to escape from their everyday lives and engage in all sorts of flings and fetishes.
So check in, drop off your bags and explore the wonders of Shadow Lands Hotel.  Sample a salacious dish at the Thai Me Up Cuisine or wander into the Lick Her Lounge for a body shot and music.  If that is not enough to tempt you, take the elevator to the BDSM club downstairs."
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