For all you handome sailors: The Boat House

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 Sailors pray,
For fair winds and a following sea

The smell of salt in the air,
The feel of their skin as it's touched by the spray

An albatross soaring above,
Dolphins in the ship's wake at play

To witness a work of art that only God can create,
The sunset at the end of day

At night a million stars in the sky,
Safe anchorage in an islands lee

When the time comes to die as for all it must,
To awake in Sailors Heaven where nothing ever rusts

And always there would be,
Fair winds and a following sea 

XXX Story: A Woman's Revenge...

This story is (so well) written by Throbbing Footstool, my little dwarf.

When a Strict Strong Woman met a selfish jerk user of women, and cruelly taught him his lesson.

I had just driven my latest one night 'conquest,' back to her flat on the other side of town. Just another stupid slut who can be seduced by any half-good looking guy looking for fun.
She seemed uncomfortable, maybe she had been through this before, because she seemed to sense somehow that I would never want to see her again.

Driving home, I felt so relieved, exhilarated and alive that I had finally dumped the bitch off my shoulders, and outta my life forever. A burden gone now, my stomach started to rumble. "Fucking pussy always makes me hungry," I said aloud over the car's steering wheel; as I pulled into pick-up some bacon and eggs for breakfast. Just like nice easy women, I knew the sandwich would satisfy my desire, for a short while.

Feeling at peace now, overjoyed with how much fun life was being me. I pulled up my car near a park, and decided on a short walk. This was a little ritual of mine, I would go and enjoy nature's pleasant greenery and sounds, never once experiencing even the slightest bit of guilt about the harm and damage I had caused. Why should I? I was better than women, better than ALL women, and had the right to do to them whatever I could get away with, or so I thought.


The attic...

Most of you don't have the chance to visit my attic (as my orb of evilness warps your ass out of my internet right away :P) so here a video tour of the place where I weave my fantasies, live my dreams and create my tormenting devices.



Shadow Lands Hotel

Based on the Shadowlands books, this magnificent hotel has everything for a perfect bdsm scene in Second Life:
"Shadow Lands Hotel sets the marker for anything taboo.  A place where anything and everything can happen.  As a traveler or employee of the hotel you will discover all sorts of tantalizing tales and engage in all sorts of explosive acts.
Shadow Lands Hotel will give you an opportunity to engage in your favorite forms of sexual magic on big, wide beds with plenty of pillows that can be used to lean back on or muffle screams of pleasure. We can indulge in the guilty pleasure of eavesdropping on our neighbors or walking down the hall hoping to spy or hear something juicy. Many of those you see in the hotel are here to escape from their everyday lives and engage in all sorts of flings and fetishes.
So check in, drop off your bags and explore the wonders of Shadow Lands Hotel.  Sample a salacious dish at the Thai Me Up Cuisine or wander into the Lick Her Lounge for a body shot and music.  If that is not enough to tempt you, take the elevator to the BDSM club downstairs."
Join the Shadow Lands group to be the first to know the parties/events!
I give it:


Short but so beautiful

Not his dick, the movie

Unwanted Love

In the reality of our day to day lives we all have gone through a painful break up, so it is natural to us to sympathize with someone who has difficulties to let go. We all know the tactics to use to get the attention of the person we have a crush on. Being on the receiving end of the pursuit can be really flattering.
Until it crosses an invisible line.
When the unwanted attention and affection makes you feel increasingly uneasy.

Then there is the internet, where we engage with all sorts of people from all over the world in different kinds of relationships.
And most of the time not aware who we are in fact dealing with.
Venturing in a virtual space like Second Life that is mainly thriving on interactions like romance and sex we expose ourselves as targets for the most common form of attention like chat, to the more involved bounding like friendship and love, to extremes like being object of obsession and abuse.

What can be so bad about that? As it is just virtual and we sit safely on our desk enjoying a drink or a snack while steering the adventures of our avatars.
Yes. Totally my opinion. I am so safe in my house with my husband next to me.

Yet. Being the object of someone's obsession on the internet I can feel an important shift in myself. A mixture of anxiety and regret.
Regret: "Why did I tell him all those things about my rl? Why did I tell him all my details? Why did I gave him all those pictures?"
Anxiety: "What will he do knowing all of that? What is the next step now I blocked every mean of communication?"
The boundary between real life and virtual has faded. My fear is not virtual. It's real
God. Please. Make him go away!

I love to embrace new players and spend time with them helping and teach them how to love this incredible world with endless possibilities. The wondering, the magic when entering this space. Now I catch myself kind of interrogating them to make sure it's not another alt of my eternal swift tuttle.
Profiles, an endless source of fun for me, now, one familiar quote or sentence can crawl up my spine like a jellyfish of creep and make me flee.
iow: I changed. Yes.

Professor BDSM is right, Second Life CAN(does) affect me!


Sweet Dreams or Kinky Nightmare?

You can find out now! 75 beautiful, smooth and sexy animations in this Mistress Bed, made for you and ready to pick up at the Lab or here.



This one made me roflmao:
[17:08] I****: but please .. stop to treat me like one of the suckers you usually meet ... i am real - and i am truth