The fall of an empire

Read this exciting story about rape, bondage, orgasm denial and female domination, deliciously written by Dr. Dave:
"Mayday, Mayday. This is Commander Craven of the Starfighter X32. Hull breach; require emergency assistance in sector 85k94," the message rang out over the emergency receiver. Captain Belle checked her scanners. This was in her area and, with no other ships nearby, it was up to her. She entered the course and made way to the area of the stricken vessel hoping to find Craven alive.
As she approached the co-ordinates she could see the burn marks on the hull of the fighter, it had obviously been in a fire fight with enemy forces. She looked down at her scanners, "Life signs: One," read the screen along with various other bits of data about the ship and its specifications.
"Starfighter X32 this is StarRunner Peregrine. Standby for docking."
"Boy am I glad to see you?" Commander Craven chirped back "Standing by."
Rescued by a female he mused, he'd never live it down if word got back to the academy.