Financial Domination in Second Life...

As you all know I have this SL femdom guide blog, what I never expected is the fact that outside the bigger femdom sims, a lot of femdom clubs/hangouts/places change faster than I can update this blog.
What struck me is findom (financial domination) popping up like mushrooms, so on I went to investigate why everybody wants to be a financial domme now.
Having a vast group of men to play with I receive a fair share of presents and sometimes get my rent payed by them, but I always saw that as a sign of affection, never as a kink. As every woman I love shopping and get excited when I have lots of money itching to spend.
So what is this kink and who are those women draining men of their money?
After visiting a few of the addresses that come up in Search I felt kinda disappointed, most are just add boards to pay and the places seem so sad and empty. A few messages to some of the financial dommes left me with no replies at all.

Then I found TDE (The Dominissive Estate) and it's owner Prissyeye Laville, a friendly and smart domme who gave me some important insight in SL financial domination.
Her Estate began as her private home early in 2008 and was opened to submissives and slaves publicly in April of 2009.  The theme is set to Domestic Discipline including various fetish and kinks. The Estate is a relaxed home with many playrooms where you can move around freely.

She told me it is a kink as any other in the D/s relationship. The problem is many try it to get an income, but that wont work. Any sub/piggy will fast know if you are into this as your fetish and doing it with your heart. The control part is what makes it arousing for them. It brings responsibility and the need of a special skillset for the domme, as some men can get addicted to this and raise problems for their real life finances.
Even though these interaction may seem like payed time with an escort, it is not at all like that. Prissyeye develops a relationship with those boys, their kink is to pay and tribute but she wants it only in a reasonable and consistent way, she also cares for them and makes sure there is always mutual respect and fulfillment.

I sent out a notecard to a group of male submissives ( wanted to 100, but stopped at 63, ya, lazy, I know). With some surprising results!
Only 25% says to be really into it, but 60 of 63 already payed money to a findomme.
44 of 63 would consider to pay for play. Oink oink!

Here is a link to an article Nuala wrote a few years ago that is still very accurate.

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