Beating the dead horse...

Second Life and it's residents have never had more value for me than any other social platform. The significance of my online relationships ends when I click the X and return to my real life and my real life man.
My granddad died two weeks ago and the contrast between those two dimensions became even more grotesque, it affected me so deeply that I decided to change my ways drastically. The free time I spend in SL will be to be creative: build-make stuff-write on my blog. So the chance I toy with your attachments is 0.
I know. I know. Sad. Bla Bla.
My kinks and fantasies will be here to read and feel free to use them to enhance the late night faps.

I am also tired of the discussions I have with my fellow residents at the Gateway. The beaten to dead horse. Cheese. Is SL real or not?
Should I write a 1000 words to defend my opinion here? No.
Just take your phone and call any random shrink and tell him SL is real. Let that be enough.
It is just surreal when some woman I have never met keeps typing to me that she and her words are affecting me in real life. How do they call that mental disorder when you are overvaluing yourself?

< /rant> Being at the Gateway sometimes feels like wading through a mental institution, where Spartacus is waging his finger on how everyone should live their SL and how they should perceive it.
His sheep hanging on his lips confirming his every word. Hey guys, read this.
He talks down my relationship in real life because a. it's ~ugh~ vanilla and b. he knows it is not fulfilling because I am in SL playing with others and c. I am lying to myself because a and b, as he knows I am emotionally affected by my SL. (psychology is one the many many skills he Masters)
Let me tell you this, professor BDSM, you have no clue.
What is the most sane: a man with a wife and a bunch of children, a house a job and a nice hobby, who logs in SL for two hours when all sleep to play and get off?
Or someone like you, no job, no life, an internet personality backed up by an empty shell, sitting in SL all day repeating the same conversation over and over, so desperate you have to call it all real?

You are so big on labeling other people as sociopaths and psychopaths, but please take a look in the mirror, Mr. Knowitall, put a filter in that overactive mouth of yours so it spews less bullshit.
If it wasn't for some woman in NYC that payed for your SL Kingdom, you would not be able to display your illusion. If you are so genuine and know it all, why don't you log out and get real, try to share your immeasurable wisdom at a munch (a real one, not the imaginary ones you attend).
 </rant off>