To voice or not.

When voice came to SL in 2007 a wave of protests rolled over the grid. Residents saw it as an attack on their privacy, a forced bringing real life into Second Life. Thousands of hot lesbians quaking in their boots. Hihi.
I am a Skype user and used voice/cam with most of my friends for a long time so I could not care less.
Today voice is mainstream and used on a daily base allover the grid for all kinds of purposes.
A few weeks ago someone told me when I talk in voice, my accent and the way I talk sounds like I feel superior and look down on people. Totally swag for a Mistress, right?
It's not the way I want to sound. I am Bodhisattva Born Treasury. My voice should relax your sphincter.
So I decided to keep it to typing unless someone asks me to talk in voice.
Because Second Life is a fantasy world for me, where I come to live my dark and wicked fantasies, hearing the voices behind the avatar sometimes becomes a shock. Little-blond-dolly girly and cackling, witchy voice do not go well together. Slutty, pretty boy lisping southern. Ugh.
Some say if you don't use voice you are fake and not real. Ok. If you want to be real why don't you make your avatar 400lbs fat, ugly and old? Be my guest, be real.
I am all for respecting people's privacy. You don't want to use voice, why would I make you?
But lately when I am interested in a guy and he doesn't want to use voice (just say hi to verify his gender) it becomes uncanny for me. I am trying to read the signs and lose my erection for him (or her in this case).
Fuck. The thought that on the other side sits a woman behind the avatar ruins any early attempt.

What a dilemma :D

So, if you teleport to my lab and feel the urge to wave your male attachments to me, could you back up the manly bits with a manly voice for a few minutes?