SL Sociopaths?

I love reading profiles in Second Life, they are an endless source of information, not only about the person playing the avatar, but also about interesting groups, places to hang out etc.
On top of that many profiles have poetry, songs or links to a video or a blog.
Yesterday I found something very intriguing (in a horror movie way).
In the Orgasm Denial group a domme replied to a guy posting about his cock picture in his profile, she stated that all women in SL liking cock pictures are played by rl males and obviously gay.
So I had to open her profile, when you open her blog it becomes clear that this avatar Noor Loam is a replica of someone she wants to eliminate to use her own words.
She finds her rl address, picture, phone number and this unfolds in a nightmarish way.
If you have a free night and like drama/gossip this is a mind-blowing read. First check out the original Noor Loam's blog, after browsing through her posts it becomes quickly clear she is as crazy as the one who is after her.
It's is hard to wrap your head around the fact that two grown up women dedicate their life to haunt someone they never met in such a destructive and negative way.  S c a r y !