Oh La Lolas!

Mesh boobage is around since mesh came to our grid, but since a few weeks a specialty pair is flooding the grid in mass amounts, even my girl crush is wearing them.
As I don't have big boobs in rl (75B), my avatar has an average pair and I love the way she fits in all mesh clothing with default sizing, I wondered where the success of the Lolas Tango mesh breasts is coming from...

Since there was no demo available at Lolas I had to pay 1750L$ to try it out, first out of the box, they looked HUGE, but a they have a menu for resizing, nipple changing, piercings. The skin fade tattoos make it possible to get a perfect blend with your body. It is not possible to make them look good in a smaller size as what my avatar is wearing in the picture. As you can see on the picture they have shadowing underneath, which would mean a good amount of hanging, so they should be attached a tad lower on the torso. They "look" soft and jiggly, but SL limits them to static jugs.
If I have to rate them, I give them a No and no and another no.

I decided to survey some buyers and customers at their store...
The most given answer: "Men like them!" followed by "They look real"
And when I asked a few men they actually didn't.