Black Sheet Magazine

"Black Sheet Magazine (BSM) is an upscale BDSM art and literary magazine. BSM premier issue released on Jan 15th 2013 and will be released quarterly. Black Sheet 'Party' is a BDSM term meaning an orgy for people into BDSM sex.

Each issue will be thoughtfully conceptually themed with a BDSM subject and will cover several aspects of its cover theme from groups, SIMs, Clubs, RP stories, columns, content creators, and interviews; filled with creatively written articles and professional photography. BSM sets to connect the SL BDSM world together through one center go to point for the SL happenings.Every issue will have a directory for BDSM groups and sims for readers to find what they are looking for in their specific kinks. BSM will be available both inworld via subscribers and sim kiosks as well as available as an online version."
(quoted from Sahira Lure's nc)
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