'Twas the night before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, he stands by my bed,
The ways I might use him all fly through my head.
His body is mine and he jumps at my touch,
And I can’t help but maul him, I want him so much.
His clothes are all flung to the floor without care.
Goddamn, I just love it when his ass is bare.
Me in my leather and him in the nude,
He has no choice and I’m in the mood.
Pushed to the mattress, he’s naked and prone,
At the very first strike, he starts to moan.
“Shut the fuck up, boy, act like a man,”
And I warm up his ass with the palm of my hand.
The sound of the flogger on the back of his thighs,
Almost drowns out my reward of hearing his cries.
I am nearly lightheaded as he begs for more,
And I give it to him ’til I know he is sore.
Just freshly beaten, his ass is still red,
But he says not a word as he’s tied to the bed.
The toys are all ready, laid out on the shelf,
But I make him watch as I play with myself.
He watches and wants, but says “thank you, miss,”
I lean down to his face and grant him a kiss.
I love him this way, so polite and so sweet,
He’s often a darling, after he’s beat.
The sweetness and violence, it makes my head numb,
And I want nothing more from him than to come.
The toys on the bed, I push them aside,
I mount his cock, and go for a ride.
My hands on his chest, I fuck his cock,
I come so quickly, it’s nearly a shock.
Once, twice, and three times I came,
Just how I like it–he is screaming my name.
I hold his cock and tell him he’s mine,
It’s moments like these I know we’ll be fine.
Curling around him, this just feels right.
Merry Christmas, my friends, and to all, a good night.

Shared from Dumb Domme 12/2011