Venus in Lace

My sweet Venus in white lace
bound tight to the warm earth 
 by the silken cords of desire 
burning passion's chains 
bind her wrapped 
round her racing heart 
My goddess and slave of love
 she wakes the hungery beast 
that by her touch may tame 
she bends it's will to her needs 
she softly calls out my name 
warm as a summer breeze 
she beckons me come closer 
an invitation to worship 
deep her flawless alabaster temple 
in that secret perfumed grotto
 heaven nestled safe 
between those smooth and graceful 
twin pillars of her supple thighs 
to drink my fill of ambrosia
 made drunk by that spring 
flowing so pure for me alone

 W. I. Boucher December 23, 2003