Aero Pines Park

If you love horse riding like me you can also try it in SL. First I bought me a horse. I can attach it to my avatar so I can ride it everywhere because no need to rez unless using the saddle for passengers.
Then I looked for places in SL that have nice trails for horse riding and I found Aero Pines Park, 9 sims of pine forest. You can use a free horsy there but can also enjoy other nice things, like ride a horse carriage,  sledge, even an air balloon. At the moment the sim is in full winter decoration, it's just awesome to wander around at the many spots to visit. Go here and explore yourself.


XXX Story: Slave for a day...

No, I did not write this one myself, it's written by Flipshot and it's *pant pant* steamy hot!

I left a card on your pillow one morning before leaving for work. There was no special occasion or anything like that, just a card to tell you how much I love you. The card said simply: You are my life, I love you very much, do with this gift as you like. The gift? Inside the card was another smaller card that said, "I will be your slave for one day. Whatever you want, whatever your heart desires, I will fulfill it for you. Love, Your Husband, David."

I left for work that morning with a smile on my face, I knew you would get a kick out of your present and would put it to good use. The next day was our day off together, another reason why I left you the card today. It gave you all day long to plan for it, to decide exactly how your special day would unfold. I looked forward to coming home that night and being handed one of your tidy little lists of exactly how you wanted the next day to start, as I would be up before you. You told me that I was to follow that list to the letter until you gave me further instructions, and that I would be punished in some form if I did not. I asked what that punishment might be, but all you would say was that I would find out if I failed in anyway.


Another wallpaper: Love is the answer

Change your desktop to a blackboard



Don't. Touch. My. Computer!

You know that creepy feeling when someone else gets on your computer sniffing out your stuffs?
Made a wallpaper for you to handle the culprits dommelette wise. Enjoy!

Touch to open high resolution and right-click Save As... 


Maika's Fetish Café

"Eclectically decorated, FemDom themed cafe and bar. Relax, meet friends, enjoy the music stream."

Owned by Maika Slavicz, this little femdom café is a display of her eye for detail, lots of Japanese made stuff gives it a very "real" feel. The ideal place to take your subby out. Find it here... Love it!


Woot Woot Wardrobe!

You know how annoying it is to sort your inventory and outfits, trying to remember what looks like what? No more! I found something that warps you back in time: dress/undress Barbie endlessly! 
(CTS) Wardrobe: Organize your outfits with style! A visual inventory organizer.
See my wardrobe here


Venus in Lace

My sweet Venus in white lace
bound tight to the warm earth 
 by the silken cords of desire 
burning passion's chains 
bind her wrapped 
round her racing heart 
My goddess and slave of love
 she wakes the hungery beast 
that by her touch may tame 
she bends it's will to her needs 
she softly calls out my name 
warm as a summer breeze 
she beckons me come closer 
an invitation to worship 
deep her flawless alabaster temple 
in that secret perfumed grotto
 heaven nestled safe 
between those smooth and graceful 
twin pillars of her supple thighs 
to drink my fill of ambrosia
 made drunk by that spring 
flowing so pure for me alone

 W. I. Boucher December 23, 2003


Bend over, my lover.

Without asking I enter
Your lair and push it in
Giving you all I want
Moaning holding you still
I enter bliss
and leak my nectar 


My virtual paradise...

I moved to one of the residential sims of Debauchery (check out those prices!) and my old broken house is up at 500m in it's original state but I also made me a little wellness/meditation center at ground level. The set up is called Tiki Tattoo - 2010 HALAWAY Zen set made by Hatzfeld Runo.
It is low prim and looks amazing, the only thing that really sucks about it is the animations and the way they are set up (watch your guest click a pillow upstairs and end up downstairs in the sauna), so adding my own animations.
Virtual but still nice to see our avatars in a scenery like that. Can almost hear the waves! Wait! I do. Added ambient sound. Hihi.
Feel free to come visit here