My first hater!

I have a hater ... I've arrived! Yes! Finally! I've achieved Internet relevance.
Wait. No I haven't. But it kind of felt like that for a minute. Hihi!

A message sent by an alt... Read the voice of reason: 

"[10:58] Crysanthemum: (Saved Sun Oct 21 23:35:04 2012)Your moronic comments about femdom and what you think is right or wrong is getting redundant. Obviously you are dying to be accepted at Dominon. No? You are obsessed, that's for sure. Who are you fooling?

And your facetious blog is so self-indulgent; somehow someone told you you were clever (your mother?) and you have never forgotten it.

Let's move on: your profile is another vacuous mess and your constant comments about age defy any sort of reasonable explanation. Perhaps you should turn your ridiculous striped stockinged legs towards the door and go out and live a "non-pixelated" life. It will do you good. I doubt many people there will put up with your incessant self-aggrandizing bullshit. Maybe you can hook up with a real life doormat such as your witty "subbage" group in SL. Does all that adoration make your grown-up panties wet?

Knock that chip off your shoulder, silly girl. You are becoming a parody of yourself."


Thanks so much for reading my profile, my blog and caring enough to comment.