Let me smother you with something exciting!

Made. Prom scripted. Latex. Leather. Colors. Packaged. Posted.
Go buy here



A field of cock

Imagine how it would feel to lay naked in a field of cock, feeling the warm, throbbing, mushroom heads everywhere on my body. All sizes and all colors softly twitching in the air waiting for my touch. The thought just made me curl my toes.


Wanna be my toybox?

What's in the toy box?
What's in the box?
There's a one-eyed ted
And a ball that's red.
That's what's in the toy box!
That's what's in the box!



Villa Debauchery

"Debauchery is dedicated to the pleasure of Dominant Women and those who serve them.  Come explore your kinky nature, be that Dominant or submissive or both, in an open, accepting and relaxed atmosphere."

Thanks Arc, for teleporting me!
Landed in the middle of a party, Arc was playing some nice trance tunes and the Ladies and their subs were dancing, another beautiful femdom place where you are welcomed in a warm, friendly manner. (Miss Marion's) Tinker (aschren) is the owner and he rocks. Visit here


My first hater!

I have a hater ... I've arrived! Yes! Finally! I've achieved Internet relevance.
Wait. No I haven't. But it kind of felt like that for a minute. Hihi!

A message sent by an alt... Read the voice of reason: 

"[10:58] Crysanthemum: (Saved Sun Oct 21 23:35:04 2012)Your moronic comments about femdom and what you think is right or wrong is getting redundant. Obviously you are dying to be accepted at Dominon. No? You are obsessed, that's for sure. Who are you fooling?

And your facetious blog is so self-indulgent; somehow someone told you you were clever (your mother?) and you have never forgotten it.

Let's move on: your profile is another vacuous mess and your constant comments about age defy any sort of reasonable explanation. Perhaps you should turn your ridiculous striped stockinged legs towards the door and go out and live a "non-pixelated" life. It will do you good. I doubt many people there will put up with your incessant self-aggrandizing bullshit. Maybe you can hook up with a real life doormat such as your witty "subbage" group in SL. Does all that adoration make your grown-up panties wet?

Knock that chip off your shoulder, silly girl. You are becoming a parody of yourself."


Thanks so much for reading my profile, my blog and caring enough to comment.


Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift, Tomorrow is Mystery...

The 8th edition of Tomorrowland. 27, 28 and 29 July 2012. more than 180,000 visitors (your dommelette one of them). more than 400 artists...

"We are bodies of subatomic particles, notes on tiny violin strings, the universe is a symphony and the mind of God is cosmic music resonating through hyperspace."  Michio Kaku 

We are music, we are love!  For you: the Tomorrowland after movie 2012


Ecstasy Under Her

"Namio Harukawa, the most remarkable artist in Japan who draws female domination images,
was born in 1932, in Osaka, Japan. During a half century, he has been drawing the sadistic
plump beauties. Characteristic images of his drawings are many many scenes of face-sitting,
forcing a manslave to lick the private parts, and using a manslave's mouth as a toilet."

(from Museum of Femdom Art)

At this special exhibition Ecstasy Under Her, 916 drawings by Namio Harukawa
are exhibited. Almost of those images are width 700 pixel or more,@big and high quality.
Here you can see a some (although these are mere part) of the special exhibition. Enjoy!!


The Dark Swamp- Nysterious Wave

Mysterious Wave is an immersive, minimalist exhibition filled with surreal artworks by the Mysterious Wave team including artists Cherry Manga and Anley Piers.


Help, can't find a Mistress!

I bet you have heard this cry a dozen times too. Today I was explaining another guy how to boost his chances and I thought by myself let me post this so you can all read it.

First things first: What does your avatar look like?
If you take a look around you and see who are the men that are so fortunate to kneel at dommes' feet: their avatar always looks handsome and taken care of.
Want to please me, please my eyeballs first.


Le petit déjeuner est servi

I have what you want and I am gonna make you choke on it

Halloween Shopping

Pumpkin Time! Need to decorate for Halloween?
I found this awesome place Bentham Manor by Lauren Bentham in the destination guide. 
Step in this dark fantasy fairy tale and meet a variety of wonderland creatures... The ambiance of the scenery is perfect for Halloween but also if you are making a mystery forest or garden, spooky but also cute.


New XXX Story: Pushing your buttons.

When I walk in the office, your turn your head and smile, your hand reaches for me as you wheel back your desk-chair inviting me on your lap. Mmmm. It feels so good to hug you. Our mouths hungry for each other. Tongue on tongue. Teasingly I wiggle my ass on the bulge in your pants. Your hands all over me. Grabbing and grinding.

This is the right moment.

My hands on your face, holding your head. I look in your eyes, my lips parted. "I want to give you the most intense orgasm ever!" You smile. Your face a question. 

Strict Venus

Here, a nice femdom sim for all you subbage:
Strict Venus
Beautiful place. Nice, friendly, polite Ladies. Looks like the grass is greener here, boys! *winks*
Visit here. Take a look at their blog.

"Strict Venus is a Femdom land where Safe Sane Consensual (and fun) are the basic rules, along with Respect for the other(s)."


A billion wicked thoughts.

 The Book on Sex

"Want to know what really turns your partner on? A Billion Wicked Thoughts offers the clearest picture ever of the differences between male and female sexuality and the teeming diversity of human desire. What makes men attracted to images and so predictable in their appetites? What makes the set up to a romantic evening so important for a woman? Why are women’s desires so hard to predict? Neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam reveal the mechanics of sexual relationships based on their extensive research into the mountains of new data on human behavior available in online entertainment and traffic around the world. Not since Alfred Kinsey in the 1950s has there been such a revolution in our knowledge of what is really going on in the bedroom. What Ogas and Gaddam learned, and now share, will deepen and enrich the way you, and your partner, think and talk about sex." Buy here !