I heart K-PoP

Master the new swag:
Oppa Gangnam Style
rofl @ 1:55
When this song gets stuck in your head it's hard to walk normal, I swear, every time I sing Open Condom Store, my hubby humps in the air. Domesticated! Yay!




More femdom Art: Sardax's member site delivers a wicked mix of original illustrations and classic watercolors, exciting, elegant and very perverse. The official page and here you can take a look for free.



In this exhibition 15 avatars with their real life dreams written next to their portraits.
By looking and reading those one gets aware of the deep contrast between virtual persona and the reality. Behind those handsome avatars with snotty animation over-riders and taunting profiles which our brain often perceives as young, joyful and confident, hide vulnerable human beings with each their own insecurity, pain and problems. I promised myself to be nicer to people online.

Very touching. Visit here



I watch your face.
that stubborn look in your eyes.
The nervous twitch 
of your supple upper lip.

I wait patiently
like a spider 
in her web.


Take my hand...

"Take my Hand.... and make a choice.."

Found Jasper's Cove in the destination guide.. if you love roleplay, this sim is eye candy. Everything is there to make your story happen.
Read here for more information.



I made this movie, but because it has children in it I wont post it on my blog, go watch it here...