Torture never seemed so sweet

And so I wonder what it is that you do that makes this urge seem out of control
Torture never seemed so sweet, naughty never tasted so good
Is it the brain fuck that you so exquisitely provide?
Is it the choice of words so vivid in colors?

You pick the colors that accent your figure like many you find fault
But from my vantage point you are flawless. 
An imperfection could never be more of a turn-on
The outfit says "take me" but the question is where?
Out on the town, to the moon or somewhere in between

I can only guess what grabs your mind much to timid to ask
"Do you feel like I do" is it possible for you to be so consumed
Stricken with the need to let go and strike body against body
Like a battle royal in classical music, violin versus cello
A battle which finds two in euphoric release, is this two much to ask
For our first time to draw eyes to eyes hand to hand, lips to lips

Will I regret keeping locked up the wicked thoughts of your lips
Taking a tour around my physique the same for me, admittedly preoccupied

For those spots that make you moan I want to take my time with the flavor
And draw you out in a fevered need knowing that penetration will be divine
So I will stay humble but not sure how long and be content with a goodnight kiss
Slow and sure that lingers before we part subtle in the suggestion there will be more...
A poem from the internet sent to me by one of my sub men.
Thank you!