The sweetest peach of summer

Full, soft lips part
ever so slightly,
barely baring hints of
pearl-white teeth and
the tip of twisting tongue beneath.
Nostrils flare and mouth waters
at the sweet, succulent scent,
and hungry eyes devour
the flesh bared to him
before the first taste,
as longing lips are wetted
with a snaking, languorous lick.
Meeting soft, yielding flesh
clad in downy fuzz,
his moistened lips part fully
to form a perfect seal,
a soft, suckling grip,
that not a drop of
honeyed nectar might escape
his hungry mouth
and laving tongue.
He draws his prize in
forcefully, but slowly,
against searching teeth,
gently biting down on
tender, sweet flesh,
savoring the flood of
syrupy, sweet juices
filling his mouth
pooling in his throat
and filling his senses,
his mind cleared of all
but this exquisite bliss -
The sweetest peach of summer.