Wikipedia defines bullying as: 
"a form of abuse that involves repeated negative acts over time attempting to create or enforce one person's power over another person or group."
And the mumsy femdommes @ The Dominion Femdom strike again... 
I don't mind desperate housewives roleplaying youngsters but dafaq don't imitate the insecure, stupish stuff, right?
At school we got taught to not give attention or waste time and effort on bullies because attention is what they yearn for. But this time. Just no. I am throbbing with disgust. A very close friend of mine became their target and since SL is SL and I can't go wrestle them in a cave I want to at least rant and expose the senior-fiendish-goddesses.
One of them, because this is public and I am not supposed to name names (tip: her SL name starts with D and ends with estiny and her last name is a drop that rolls out of your eye) I will call her The Uncanny Goddess Lisa. Read more...