Set to Midnight

Xena sent me a lm to this Set to Midnight (thank you Xena ), it's part of the LEA project in Second Life. The artist is Typote Beck, french, his galery in SL is called Studio Egg, tried to find a rl blog but I think his work is just in Second Life for now... It's the kind of sims I love, just sit and look at all the details, wondering the story behind it all.
It felt like standing in a picture of Dali, the same humor that makes it dark and innocent at the same time: the moon gets fixed while the sun sparks up a spliff before going under, the little love story houses with tumbling chatter pictures (good and bad on opposite sides)... It's not easy to describe so much in few words, so go take a look and see for yourself!

"A land near some villages. Not very far away from the solitude, at the end of winter, and at the end of night."