Leonardo's Machines @ MIC - Imagin@rium

Often I just teleport around the destination guide to explore the fruit of other's creativity, like plunging in their minds and dreams.
Today I went to MIC - Imagin@rium and found a small exhibition of Sniper Siemens (Italian SL player) who built some prim models of Leonardo da Vinci's technological drawings.
I did art school and art history, the Renaissance one of my favorite subjects and I was fascinated by Leonardo da Vinci (I did Human Anatomy just because of him). To see someone as passionate about him and his work made me smile in and outside.
Once a few of my friends in class tempted me when we had to write a paper, I took the challenge and wrote a complete imaginary erotic story about Leonardo and his pupil Salai, mainly because we presumed our teacher to be homosexual. Result: suspended for one week. The look in his eyes was totally worth it though (fap fap fap).
If I can find the story back, I post it :)
Watch the movie, but go see it in SL too, smother your braincells with awesome!