How to domme a contest...

*******: Charlotte, do you think it's fair you let your boyfriend win the contest? Domani is your partner
ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: Let my boyfriend win?
ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: Just imagine the fun I have giving him 1000L and then torture him till he gives it back to me :)
*******: O.o
                                                                   ~ o ~

Dσmαni: Miss i worked so hard on story You forced me to write. and You have never given me my prize of 1000L.
                                                                    ~ o ~

Dσmαni: they are having 5000L contest. i should have entered that one....
ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: /me glares at you
Dσmαni: ill bet they actually give the prize
Dσmαni: sorry Miss.
ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: /me slaps you hard on the head
Dσmαni: ouch!
Dσmαni: ok ok.