Du jamais vu...

Epic. Mental. Awesome.

God must be a DJ! A 3 day festival, 180.000 people from allover the world, not one fight, no intolerance, just a mega sick party! My personal favs: Bloody Beetroots, Skrillex, David Guetta for the ambiance, but my absolute #1, the Asian Jesus: Steve Aoki.
Look here for the after videos. More than 55 million people from allover the world watched their live TV, so that will make the ticket fight in 2013 even more exciting  d(-.-)b


Your SL is safe for the weekend!

Your dommelette is gone for the weekend to Tomorrowland! The most awesome festival in the world!

The video of last year:


How to domme a contest...

*******: Charlotte, do you think it's fair you let your boyfriend win the contest? Domani is your partner
ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: Let my boyfriend win?
ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: Just imagine the fun I have giving him 1000L and then torture him till he gives it back to me :)
*******: O.o
                                                                   ~ o ~

Dσmαni: Miss i worked so hard on story You forced me to write. and You have never given me my prize of 1000L.
                                                                    ~ o ~

Dσmαni: they are having 5000L contest. i should have entered that one....
ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: /me glares at you
Dσmαni: ill bet they actually give the prize
Dσmαni: sorry Miss.
ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: /me slaps you hard on the head
Dσmαni: ouch!
Dσmαni: ok ok.

Another Wallpaper...

"Be orange with me"
Click so the high res opens and choose Save As


Leonardo's Machines @ MIC - Imagin@rium

Often I just teleport around the destination guide to explore the fruit of other's creativity, like plunging in their minds and dreams.
Today I went to MIC - Imagin@rium and found a small exhibition of Sniper Siemens (Italian SL player) who built some prim models of Leonardo da Vinci's technological drawings.
I did art school and art history, the Renaissance one of my favorite subjects and I was fascinated by Leonardo da Vinci (I did Human Anatomy just because of him). To see someone as passionate about him and his work made me smile in and outside.
Once a few of my friends in class tempted me when we had to write a paper, I took the challenge and wrote a complete imaginary erotic story about Leonardo and his pupil Salai, mainly because we presumed our teacher to be homosexual. Result: suspended for one week. The look in his eyes was totally worth it though (fap fap fap).
If I can find the story back, I post it :)
Watch the movie, but go see it in SL too, smother your braincells with awesome!


Winner of Contest: Miss Tink

The winning story: Miss Tink by Domani Dreamscape. Read it here.
He used the theme in 3 ways: the size of his cock, the size of the fairy and then her magic ways with size... It's cute, funny and of course very hot... Size does not matter!
Thank you all who contributed, you are all fabulisish!
Oh and check out this blog for more naughty fairy...



Your mouth.
Your Lips.
Your tongue.
How did I come to think of this again?
It was the latté


Set to Midnight

Xena sent me a lm to this Set to Midnight (thank you Xena ), it's part of the LEA project in Second Life. The artist is Typote Beck, french, his galery in SL is called Studio Egg, tried to find a rl blog but I think his work is just in Second Life for now... It's the kind of sims I love, just sit and look at all the details, wondering the story behind it all.
It felt like standing in a picture of Dali, the same humor that makes it dark and innocent at the same time: the moon gets fixed while the sun sparks up a spliff before going under, the little love story houses with tumbling chatter pictures (good and bad on opposite sides)... It's not easy to describe so much in few words, so go take a look and see for yourself!

"A land near some villages. Not very far away from the solitude, at the end of winter, and at the end of night."

Collar him cutsey!

Made-fitted-packaged-posted! Look here



My newest video:

Yes, it's all real! Hihi


Proud: My first Outfit!

Mesh balloonshorts with off shoulder top, help me pay my rent and buy it here