Vulture Capitalists

3-part unedited interview with Edward Conard (Bain Capital) - Part 2 - Part 3
For Jon Stewart: swag!
That the system in the US became crapage and screws over the little peeps like you and me We knew for a while now, right? (yesh, your dommelette reads), but... the way this guy talks about Europe and Japan just hits a nerve. If I could grab him through my pc screen I would staple his dick to the floor.

The only thing the US is a better at at this time is being perfect soil for vultures like Conard and Romney. Just take a good look at the chards on health care, life expectation, education, prosperity and overall wellness, the US comes up with some poor results.
On top of that many of the US innovations that Mr. Conard is so proud of would simply not exist without the H1B.