The man behind the SL sub revealed!

It took forever, but here are the results!
Your dommelette has figured out who hides behind the buffgasmic pixels in our virtual space:

He is betweem 18-30 and is in a fairly happy and satisfying real life relationship. He never had a D/s relationship in rl but fantasizes about it since his early teens. He considers himself a submissive, but only in a sexual way, he loves bondage and ass play. 
He joined SL for the sex and has several short term relationships. He prefers not to share his rl and has no problem to lie about it if he has to. 
Most of the time he wants sex in SL and he will masturbate in rl, hoping his virtual Mistress does the same. He loves her a little and does not want to meet her in rl. 
He considers his SL to be almost real, but never talks about it to anyone in his rl.
He agrees SL to be much better than porn.

This is a profile made on the most given answers and it looks pretty accurate to me. Of course not every sub in SL is the same, I had a wide variety on answers so go ahead and read the detailed results here

For a good laugh read Mr.Huff's who peeled himself away from his Euro 2012 soccer stuff to answer my survey. Thank you, doggie. Muah!

Thank you all who participated, thank you for your honesty, your time and effort!
Hugs! Next month I will do one for the Dommes...