Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Contest (lulz)

"Justin Bieber is holding a contest wherein fans make their own video version of his song “Boyfriend,” and the winners’ entries will be featured in Bieber’s upcoming NBC special. The songs submitted are pretty much what you’d expect — girls taking the serious route, trying in earnest to win. There’s one response, though, that’s far and away the greatest thing that has happened on the Internet in a while. Contest winners will be announced June 21, and there’s almost no way the above entry will win, but it won the Internet, so everything’s alright. Check out some of our favorite moments from the video below.
It’s pretty obvious the video is intentionally comical, but the best part about the video — aside from the girl’s genuinely funny lyrics and acting skill — is that she is quite clearly aware that she’s coming off as inherently creepy, and played to that. She is absolutely spot on with everything she does with her eyes throughout the video, and the intro and outro stares are nothing short of classic. When she somewhat loses herself from 1:07 to 1:18, it’s just the icing on the creepy cake."
quoted from geeksystem.com 

                                                She has it!