The Crack Up

"The Crack Up," fondly referred to by its devotees as "Not Franks". A place where the new anti-life force is burning through like an invisible smog.
The Crack up is turning self destruction into Art.  Our avant garde venue gathers together tea heads, artists. d├ębutantes, "Johns", joy bangers, rowdy jazz musicians, lost children, croakers, fashionistas, dark ecology elergists, and ragtime riff-raff.
Live music events, Junk DJ's and main line fashion puppeteers. We are galvanized into hideous activity, the Crack Up is for avatars with charm and talent to burn, whose gaiety and genius make them a living symbol of the Second Life.
Roaring, rambunctious and lush  —  with its exquisite decadence, controlled eroticism and subdued magick, this is the slickest avant garde joint in Second Life!  Freudian death instincts prevail.
George Bataille remarked that "everything is profoundly cracked". In F. Scott Fitzgerald's essay by the same name he began "Of course all life is a process of breaking down .... " Prove it.
The middle class is getting the squeeze and only one in ten thousand is going up."

Preppy! Right?

Has two of my favorite creators combined, Bryn Oh and Rose Borchovski. Beautiful.
Is that Anthony Anderson? Nuu, it's Clement! (d-lish pixel guy)
Live acts and DJ's coming up soon! Go visit here!