The Adventurous Italian Aviator pt 4

I open my eyes, his face is close to mine. His breath caresses mine. I can smell him, smell us. Sleeping he looks young and innocent. My eyes slowly travel over his forehead, eyebrows, the bridge of his perfect nose, the curve of his full lips.
I want to kiss him again but I don't.

  Quietly I get up, a sore and throbbing, wet feeling between my legs, the reminder of his revenge. My shorts and shirt are useless, cut to pieces so I grab his shirt and pull it over my head, good enough, my ass is covered. I find his car keys in his pants and walk away, leaving him on the grass, sleeping and naked.
The sun sets, the sky is layered in the most lusty oranges. I park the car a bit further so my parents don't hear me arrive and sneak into the house. In the bathroom I get the water running, fill the tub, hold his shirt against my face, dip my finger against my pussy lips and hold it under my nose. His scent.
The warmth of the water envelops me, I close my eyes and fantasize what he will do when he wakes up. No car, no shirt... just his shorts and a long walk ahead.